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Apr 12, 2015
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15 things

Here’s a few stuff to add to your list of life goals: have a Burger King wedding, to be an A+ dad, and to be a supermodel lolo. Oh, and to be a burger in an EmRata-Sara Underwood video.

Want the juicy deets? Read on for this week’s edition of 15 Things A Man Must Know!

Taylor Swift’s Blank Space co-star Sean O’Pry may be in the PH, but we’ll take kickass 79-year-old supermodel lolo Wang Deshun over him any goddamn time.

15 thingsImage via Shanghaiist.com

Speaking of famous folks in the PH, Bill Gates recently visited Palawan for a quick vacation. He stayed in Amanpulo (of course), and checked out an island in El Nido that he’s planning to invest in. He was also reportedly sighted at the International Rice Research Institute in Laguna for what we guess were philanthropic purposes. Sarap talaga ng buhay mayaman!

15 thingsImage via Ecell.in

In news that’s too crazy to be true, a couple named Joel Burger and Ashley King are getting hitched and Burger King is going to pay for their wedding. "All we ask in return is that they live happily ever after," Burger King said. "And maybe name their first child Chicken Fry."

15 thingsImage via Buzzfeed.com

Whatever you do, don’t be like this douche who Tinder-swiped left on a waitress who was just behind him and saw the whole thing. At least his story had a sort of happy ending: "Feeling like total shitbags we managed to pool together $67.20 (around P3,000) in tips to give her. Left a little note on the bottom that said 'Hey, we are just dicks. You're actually really pretty :)' and left."

15 thingsGIF via Giphy.com

As if Human Centipede 1 and 2 weren’t disgusting enough, the producers have come up with Human Centipede 3, which will feature a 500-person human chain. Because, you know, a 12-person human centipede isn’t hardcore yet. It’s gonna be released on May 22, so mark your calendars accordingly, fans of everything gross!

Video via MOVIECLIPS Trailers

Most Filipinos are "lucky:" Being on the shorter side of the height scale, a lot of us don’t know the struggles of having little legroom in planes. When you’re a 6’8” strongman competitor like Brian Shaw, a dinky seat on a budget flight just won’t cut it. Aren’t you glad to be Pinoy?



If you’re as excited as we are for the fifth season of Game of Thrones, then you’ll love Sesame Street’s parody, Game of Chairs. If only the real show was this innocent…

Video via Sesame Street

Speaking of GoT, Jon Snow makes for a really lousy dinner guest as seen in Late Night with Seth Meyers.

Video via Late Night with Seth Meyers

Here’s an invention we should've funded years ago: the BooZie, a holder for your beer that could be attached to your belt with a magnetic clip. We'll take 10, please.

Video via the BooZie

Thirty-one-year-old Ben Brucker jazzed up his plain workplace by decorating the walls with superhero murals using a total of 8,024 Post-its. Now, if we could only find a way to get our boss to agree to this…

15 thingsImage via Buzzfeed.com

Meet Mike Fine
, a real, living, breathing guy who likes cuddling more than sex. "I’d choose cuddling 10 times out of 10 [over sex]—it’s more intimate. And at least cuddling I know I’m good at," explains the 33-year-old bachelor. "Sex is like a chore, a routine—it’s like going to the dentist.” Well, okay, if you say so…

15 thingsImage via Nypost.com

Lindsay Lohan is absolutely sizzling in her photo shoot for Homme Style Magazine. Say what you want about this girl, but you can’t deny that she’s still got it.

15 thingsImage via Dailymail.co.uk

Three things we love, all in one video: Emily Ratajkowski, Sara Underwood, and burgers. Enjoy, bros.

Video via Funny Cool Hot Videos

Yes bros, this is Vice Ganda. We repeat, this is Vice Ganda. This is not a drill, guys!

15 things

We were totally blindsided by Anne Hathaway’s amazing lip sync rendition of Wrecking Ball. Seriously, if you could watch just one video this week, this should be it.

Video via Lip Sync Battle on Spike