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Apr 18, 2015
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The 15 things a man should know this week

An old-school TV favorite gets remade, London’s very own pretty pulis, and a Jason Statham video we cannot unsee: All that and a lot more in this week’s edition of The 15 Things A Man Must Know!

Read on, folks!

We’ll be able to watch Celebrity Deathmatch again on MTV soon! BEST. TV. NEWS. EVER.

Video via Derek Uchiha

Oh, Japan: Probably the only country in the world where people had bowls of soba delivered by guys on bikes. Ano, kaya mo yan?

15 thingsImage via koitarou

Here’s a behind the scenes look at that spec-freaking-tacular Furious 7 scene which had cars freefalling out of a C-130 plane. Yeah, it’s every bit as crazy as it looks.

Video via Fast & Furious

If you’ve ever tried to imagine how Jason Statham would look like as a Magic Mike cast member, you have to see this video, which we’re pretty sure was the highlight of his late '80s dancing career. Let’s just say you’ll never be able to take him seriously in any of his action films after seeing it…

The 15 things a man should know this weekImage via Unilad.co.uk

If you’re reading this, George R. R. Martin, we’d really like to see South Centros in the next Game of Thrones book. Or season. Whichever comes first.

Video via TODAY SHOW

Lapit na ng
4/20! Before you hit up your go-to bro for your stash, remember that today’s weed is up to three times more potent than it used to be in the '80s. Oh, there’s also a possibility of puffing fungi-covered MJ. Think of that before you get high, okay?

The 15 things a man should know this weekGIF via Giphy.com

May asim pa si
Claudine Barretto! Seriously, we’re sort of jealous of her abs.

The 15 things a man should know this week

So there’s actually a guy in Germany who has a silicon-injected dick weighing seven pounds. Let us elaborate: a "nine-inch-long, three-inch-wide, seven-pound penis." Holy mother of bulge, how the hell can he even have sex?!

The 15 things a man should know this weekImage via Vice.com

Play Pants
are, hands-down, the best fashion innovation menfolk could ever wish for. We might not really use it for its intended purpose (which is to help men masturbate easier) in public, but you gotta admit, it’ll sure be super handy (pun intended) to wear!

The 15 things a man should know this weekImage via Kickstarter.com

Five words: KIM CHIU IN A BIKINI!!! Well, sort of: The Chinita Princess was seen wearing a bikini top and red shorts during a music video shoot. That should technically count, right?


The 15 things a man should know this week

Important question: If you were a Magic Sing microphone, how would you rate Jimmy Kimmel’s performance of Manny Pacquiao's "Lalaban Ako Para Sa Filipino"?

Video via Jimmy Kimmel Live

A sweet high school student named Joy Webb made her lolo super happy by bringing him as her date to the prom. It was his first prom, and it was also his first time to wear a tux. ‘Scuse us, we sense onion-chopping ninjas nearby…

The 15 things a man should know this weekImage via Wiat.com

is why we all had a crush on Paris Hilton way back in the day. Girl’s still sizzling hawt!

The 15 things a man should know this week

If the Philippines has Pretty Pulis Sophia Deliu, London has its very own Curvaceous Cop in the form of Sophia Adams, a 21-year-old police officer in training with 32JJ (!!!!) boobs. That’s like, a whole new definition of "funbags," man.

The 15 things a man should know this weekImage via Playboy.com

When it comes to penis size, it’s really different strokes for different folks. At the end of the day, no matter what your size, we think we should all just be thankful that our respective tools are functioning properly (and aren’t muscle-bound, beret-wearing, striped mustachioed dicks, because that’s just seriously freaky, man). These women show us:

Video via Elite Daily