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Aug 1, 2014
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15 Things

Sick movie trailers, Miranda Kerr’s latest topless photo shoot, and a couple of cool jobs we’d like to apply for—here are the 15 Things You Need To Know This Week!

No one, not even the most patient of saints, enjoys lining up for food, especially during the lunch hour rush. Enter Feedex, a Singaporean start-up that delivers reasonably priced, comforting hawker fare straight to the Central Business District’s workers. Can we have something like this here in Manila, please?

15 thingsPhoto from Yahoo! News Singapore

Robert Bobroczk is a Romanian boy who stands 7’4”, and since he’s just 13, he’ll probably grow much, much taller once puberty smacks him in the face. We wonder: How does he find people to play basketball with?

Here’s what a real man does when his wife backs out of a pregnancy photo shoot: He takes her place and flaunts his hard-earned beer belly all over the Internet, to predictably hilarious results! Well done, sir.

15 ThingsPhoto from E! Online

We’ve been praying for a Simpsons and Family Guy crossover for years, and the producers finally answered our pleas with a Springfield-set premiere episode for Family Guy’s 13th season. Check out the trailer below!

The Mad Max: Fury Road trailer, unveiled during Comic Con, is two minutes and 43 seconds of epic amazingness. Catch it in theaters on May 15, 2015!

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