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The 15 Things A Man Must Know This Week!
This week: Yet another human Ken doll, Olivia Munn's butt, and our favorite Super Bowl shark!
by Mars Salazar | Feb 7, 2015
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Find out more about Uruguay's incredible humble president, the new human Ken doll, and the new Ted 2 and Fast & Furious 7 trailers in this week’s edition of the 15 Things A Man Must Know!

Uruguay president Jose Mujica, also known as the world’s humblest president, recently gave a hitchhiker an old Beetle that he himself used to drive. Now that’s our kind of leader.

Remember the Super Bowl, bet that Chris Pratt and Chris Evans made a few weeks back? Star Lord lost the bet, so he’ll be visiting an NGO called Christopher’s Haven in full costume. You know what else? Captain America will still tag along. They’ll also be visiting Seattle Children’s Hospital, because they’re awesome like that.

Speaking of the Super Bowl, you’d think every girl would love to get it on with a football player. But according to a millionaire lap dancer, who’s rubbed herself against the best of ‘em, they’re apparently not that fun. “They're vey unattractive,” she reveals.

DrumsPhoto via theladbible.c0m

In other Super Bowl news… Is it just us, or did Seattle Seahawk Jon Ryan just said he studied in the University of Vagina?

This cab, which comes with a mini sari-sari store, sort of makes being stuck in hellish Metro Manila traffic bearable. Sorta.

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Rodrigo Alves wanted to look like a Ken doll, so he underwent a $250,000 cosmetic surgery to achieve his dream. And achieve his dream he did!

Ted 2
, the movie we all didn’t know we were waiting for, will be out in theaters on June 26! Check out Super Bowl XLIX MVP Tom Brady’s cameo in the film below.

Video via Universal Pictures

Heads up, gamers: Data Blitz is apparently not a licensed seller of gaming peripheral brands Logitech, SteelSeries, Razer, and Roccat. The store only sells grey imports of these brands, making their warranties useless if brought to the local official distributors for repair. Yikes!

15 thingsPhoto via

Well, this is definitely not your usual pre-nup shoot. Check out this NSFW video!

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15 things
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One of Katy Perry’s Super Bowl sharks used his aquatic status to chat up a chick on Tinder. We bet he was the shark that forgot his steps during “Teenage Dream.”

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We don’t blame NFL MVP Aaron Rodgers for holding on to Olivia Munn’s butt during the NFL Honors awards ceremony, because that’s what two-time NFL MVPs should do. You keep at it, Mr. Rodgers.

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Furious 7’s
Super Bowl spot proved that it has everything we’d ever want in a movie: fast cars, hot chicks, badass stars, and a truckload of explosions. Paul Walker would be so proud.

Video via Fast & Furious

Harper Lee, author of high school lit class read To Kill A Mockingbird, will release a sequel to her classic novel. Titled Go Set a Watchman, it’s set 20 years after Mockingbird’s events and is slated to be released this July.

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Manny Pacquiao may have given up on his music career after just one album, but he sure hasn’t stopped from making sweet, sweet music with his wife Jinkee. Check out this jamming session with the missus!

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