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Feb 15, 2014
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Happy Valentine’s weekend, FHM Nation!

If you’re alone and lonely, we hope you get lucky and find love. And if you’re bound and tethered to someone, well, we hope you "get lucky" too. But before anything else, get your fill of need-to-know information from around the web first.

Here are the 15 things a man should know this week!

We hope you get lots of tender lovin’ this Valentine’s Day. Kick off the festivities by learning more about the fine art of kissing in this video. Don’t forget to test out your newfound knowledge on your lady love afterwards!


Speaking of kissing, the LRT management will be giving away free tickets to the most romantic couples on lines 1 and 2 today. MOMOL sa tren, anyone?

15 ThingsImage from www.missyvintageblog.com

Flowers and sweets may be foolproof ways to a woman’s heart, but if you’re really looking to sweep your girl off her feet, take your cues from the dapper guys of Stuart Edge and surprise her with a serenade. We promise, this’ll increase the possibility of you getting laid tonight by at least 50 percent.


LDR-bound boys may want to check out Kiiroo, a social platform that allows you to get intimate with your girl (or any other girl on the website) via sex toys that can be controlled virtually—a fleshlight for you and a dildo for her. Of course, the real thing’s still the best, but we can’t be picky, can we?


For all the singletons out there, here's a bro tip: It’s good to have standards, but sometimes, your dating requirements, such as length of hair and cup size, might be hindering you from finding the girl of your dreams. Let this video demonstrate just how bad it can be: