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The 15 Things A Man Must Know This Week!

This week: a Super Bowl bet between Star-Lord and Captain America, Emily Ratajkowski, and a Batmobile stroller!
by Mars Salazar | Jan 24, 2015
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15 things

Some of the things a man must know this week include: Chris Evans and Chris Pratt's Super Bowl bet, Megan Fox's post-baby body, and a baby stroller inspired by The Dark Knight, among others.

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Chris Evans and Chris Pratt proved they could easily be real-life superheroes by making a Super Bowl bet in which the loser would have to surprise sick kids at a hospital in full costume. How could us mere mortals ever compare to Captain America and Star-Lord?

15 things

UK Internet provider Sky has set up Sky Broadband Shield, an automatic filter that aims to prevent kids under 13 from accessing explicit sites. Right, like that will stop the little buggers from watching porn.

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Check out Canada’s passport! If there was a coolest passport award, they’ll definitely win it.

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Hearing Jessie J belt out a tune without opening her mouth just made our jaws drop.

Video via BBC

When we become dads, we could only hope to be as cool as this guy who built his baby a Batmobile stroller. A+ parenting, right there.

Video via AWE me

Comedy Central
has picked Justin Bieber to be its roastee for 2014. Given the Biebs’ stellar rep as one of Hollywood’s biggest douches, we’re confident that we’ll be LOL-ing all throughout his well-deserved roasting.


Rosalia Lombardo was an Italian toddler who was mummified after dying from pneumonia in 1920. She’s so well-preserved, that it looks like she’s taking a nap. But you know what makes her particularly scary? Well, watch this:

Video via Known Unknowns

In case you’re curious, here’s what happens inside a dildo factory. Don’t tell us you never thought that there are actual people behind that Fleshlight in your bedside drawer?

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Video via Pearl Cumberstain

Speaking of Fleshlights, this chick’s ba-jee-na is apparently the one used for most of the Fleshlights sold around the world.

Video via VPRO Metropolis

(Click here for more on this ba-jee-na model!)

And since we’re already on the topic, check out the Vajankle, a Fleshlight for foot lovers. We’re a hundred percent supportive of your fetishes, but this…thing is really more nightmare fuel than sex toy.

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Less terrifying than the Vajankle is the Hello Touch X, a vibrator you can wear on your fingertips for crazy stimulation.

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