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Mar 14, 2014
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15 Things

Did you know that Lindsay Lohan has hooked up with over 30 guys, most of whom are celebrities? And that exposed buttcracks are a common occurrence in geek gatherings? And that FHM cover girls Meg Imperial and Ellen Adarna are co-starring in an upcoming Kapamilya soap? Gents, here are The 15 Things A Man Must Know This Week!

Last weekend, one guy with apparently way too much time on his hands documented a big Magic: The Gathering tournament by posing beside all the exposed buttcracks he saw. We've got to admit, the "martial arts salute" pose was a nice touch.

15 Things

So the "First Kiss" video that went viral this week wasn’t really a social experiment but a sort of marketing campaign for a clothing ad. Still, you’ve got to admit that it was very romantic. Watch it with your girl and brace yourselves for the steamy MOMOL session that’s bound to ensue.



But if it's an arousal you're looking for, maybe the "First Handjob" video is what you should be watching instead.



In other news, there’s a man out there who goes around kissing king cobras. Why he does it, we have no idea, but we seriously hope he remembers to keep his teeth and tongue to himself.


There’s a shop in Bangkok that sells edible human body parts! But don't freak out just yet—it turns out they’re all made of bread. You can still make it out of Thailand alive.

15 Things

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