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May 9, 2014
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15 Things

A book club that features topless chicks, a Power Rangers reboot on the big screen, and an accidental vasectomy—just a few of the things we think every FHM reader out there should know this week!

Read on for your weekly dose of man knowledge!

If Jesus Christ had lived in the modern times, he might pull in more followers by being a personal trainer instead of being a carpenter. Watch the video below to know more:


There will be a sequel to
Spring Breakers, the raunchy, disturbing James Franco-starrer that had Disney starlets Vanessa Hudgens and Selena Gomez strutting around in next to nothing. No word yet if they’ll retain the cast, but we’re hoping the bikinis stay.

15 Things

Would you ever have sex with a robot?
Apparently, one in every five people in the United Kingdom would gladly do so. We’d probably go for it too if they eliminate all possibilities of explosion due to electronic glitches.

15 Things

A Briton who was scheduled to have a minor urological procedure at the Royal Liverpool University Hospital was accidentally given a vasectomy by the attending doctors. Fortunately, vasectomies can be reversed. The man is also set to receive more than a hundred grand in damages and compensation.

15 Things

The boys of Simple Pickup got a handful of ladies to ride a Sybian to raise money and awareness for female circumcision. Orgasms for advocacies—why didn’t we think of that before?


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