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Oct 10, 2014
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15 things

A stone that can transform you into Aquaman, a scary-as-heck Annabelle prank, and a drunken wild pig are in this week’s rundown of the 15 Things Every Man Must Know Right Now!

Get reading, gentlemen!

Your dreams of going scuba diving for hours might just become a reality. Scientists have reportedly created a powerful crystalline substance that can pull oxygen out of its environment, making it a potential alternative to bulky oxygen tanks. How’s that for making your Aquaman dreams come true?

15 thingsPhoto via businessinsider.com

A group of South Korean students, apparently fed up by the 70:30 air-to-chip ratio in a regular pack of chichiriamade a raft using unopened potato chip bags and rode their creation down Seoul’s main river. This would be great for the next big typhoon—imagine a flotation device and a food supply in one!

Video via prototype

Seeing voice actors Sean Schemmel and Jason Douglas record the English dubs of a DragonBall Z fight is pretty astounding. We were actually surprised that Schemmel, who was voicing Goku, didn’t start shooting energy rays—it was that good.

Video via TheBig3WJB

Australia: where a wild pig can sneak into your campsite, get drunk on your beer, steal your food, and get into a brawl with a cow—all in one night. Gawin nang bacon ‘yan!

15 things
Photo via theguardian.com

Nothing beats having your dog greet you excitedly when you get home after a long day at work. That’s why we’re mighty jealous of this man, who is lucky enough to be greeted lovingly by not just one or two, but six roly-poly pug puppies, all clamoring for his affection. Can you spell “happiness”?

Video via YouTube

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