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Sep 12, 2014
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15 Things

The iPhone 6 is now out, and of course, Samsung’s got something to say about Apple’s newest “innovation.” Find out what it is, along with other interesting stuff, like a real-life Batman, a dog café in Quezon City, and Burger King Japan’s black burger, in this week’s edition of 15 Things A Man Must Know!

With the launch of the iPhone 6, Apple’s has gone against its late CEO Steve Jobs’ disapproving opinion of big phones. And Samsung, which of course wouldn’t miss a chance to poke fun at its fiercest rival, gleefully came up with a series of brilliant ads mocking Apple’s “innovations,” as well as their failure to put up a proper live stream of the iPhone 6’s launch. Your move, Apple.

Video via Samsung Mobile

Adventurer and storm chaser George Kourounis rappelled into the crater of an active volcano to capture footage of the fiery place. Just imagine, one wrong move and he could’ve dived to his death. Ikaw na, George!

Video via Sam Cossman

Unlike us menfolk, women just can’t use ordinary soap and water for their, erm, intimate areas—and we all know that hygiene down there is very, very important. For superstar Anne Curtis, only Lactacyd feminine wash would do, and with many variants to suit each lifestyle, this’ll be the feminine wash we’ll reach for when the ladies in our lives ask us to do the grocery shopping for them.

Anne Curtis

Need something for your migraine, toothache, muscle cramps, or your girlfriend’s period pains? I-Dolfenal mo lang yan! If it’s good enough for Ramon Bautista and Petra Mahalimuyak, it should be good enough for us!

Video via Dolfenal Philippines

Burger King Japan has come out with a black burger with black buns, black cheese, and black sauce. The patty, thankfully, is perfectly cooked, but it still has black pepper. We declare it the perfect comfort food for our cold, black hearts.

Burger King
Photo via Spolid.gizmodo.com

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