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The 15 Things A Man Must Know This Week!

Eva Mendes is now a MILF!
by Mars Salazar | Sep 20, 2014
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15 things

Make yourself productive this rainy weekend by brushing up on your man knowledge!

Read our list of the 15 things you need to know this week for the lowdown on a naked globetrotting handstander, the O-spot, and the latest addition to Hollywood’s roster of MILFs!

With the weather we’re having these days, it’ll be nice to go to the beach and bask under the sun…but when there are scary creatures like this black dragonfish lurking in the seas, we think we’re better off on dry land. We now know where the guys who made Alien got their inspiration from.

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When your drinking buddy said will Sam Pinto only date you “kapag pumuti na ang uwak,” he probably didn’t realize that white crows do exist…and that one even appeared recently in Lanao del Norte. Whoa!

15 thingsPhoto via Barako News

We’ve found a man who can give Bianca Gonzalez’s tumbling travel shots a run for their money! Introducing the Naked Handstander, a bold exhibitionist who has taken to baring his backside in front of some of the globe’s most famous landmarks.

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Has it ever occurred to you that your sperm count might have dwindled due to all those years of carrying your phone in your front pocket? If the effects of cell phone radiation on your junk terrify you, you could pre-order some boxer-briefs from RadiaShield, a company that promises to “reduce radiation exposure to reproductive organs” with an efficacy rate of 99.9 percent. If only they didn’t cost $49…

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As if women aren’t complicated enough, sex expert Dr. Jennifer Berman just discovered the O-Spot, a place so far up a girl’s lady bits that you’ll need a telescope and out-of-this-world upward angling of body parts to be able to reach it. We think we’ll leave this one to the pros.

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