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Sep 26, 2014
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15 Things

Get to know the Philippines' pambato for the 87th Academy Awards, discover what "invisible art" actually looks like, and learn about a condom cookbook in this week’s edition of the 15 Things A Must Know!

Get reading, gentlemen!

Remember FHM Babe Zo Duro? Our favorite Canadian just launched her own website, www.zoduro.com, and inside it is a special section dedicated to the Philippines! In one of her first videos, Zo and photographer Dix Perez laugh about Pinoys' undying fondness for videoke joints. It's true. It's true.

Video via Zoduro.com

We can all name a few people who post daily selfies on Facebook and Instagram—heck, some of us might even be guilty of it. We don’t know why exactly we need to see your face from every angle and filter imaginable, but if the end result of all those photos is anything like this guy’s impressive eight-year “Picture of My Face Every Day” project, we might be a little more forgiving.

Video via Dumo

Beyoncé and Jay-Z put all our amateur moviemaking attempts to shame with a video compilation of some of their most tender moments together, shown when they performed a mash-up of “Young Forever” and “Halo” during the final night of the Paris leg of their On The Run tour. Home movies don’t get any better than this.

Video via Beyonce

It’s never fun to lose valuables in an airplane, but KLM’s beagle-run lost and found service can definitely make such an ordeal less stressful. The airline has admitted that the cute pup was there for advertisement purposes, but we’re still thinking of leaving stuff on purpose in the hopes of having a cute dog return them.

Video via KLM

A real-life drug dealer named Walter White
had his meth ring busted when his son, who was unfortunately named Brandon instead of Walter Jr., challenged him to a gunfight, which alerted the cops. The elder White has been sentenced to 12 years in prison, dashing our hopes of a real-life Breaking Bad happening.

15 things
Photo via Vocativ.com

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