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Nov 7, 2014
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15 things

Since it’s the weekend, let’s take a break from serious news and turn our attention to more interesting stuff, like Tinder’s new undo feature, Harvard’s anal sex lecture, and South Korea’s pubic hair craze. Read on for the 15 things you absolutely need to know this week!

Here’s the cure for all your B.O. woes: clothing company Ministry of Supply has come up with the Aviator Jacket, a blazer lined with coffee-infused polyester to keep its wearer smelling fresh all day long. You can get it for $248, or you know, you can just swipe on some deodorant.

15 things

If you accidentally swipe left on a sexy Tinder chick, fret not: Tinder will soon roll out a premium paid service featuring an undo button that will give you a second chance to swipe right on a hottie. There’ll also be another feature that will allow you to look for potential matches from anywhere in the world—good news for fellas looking to bag a Russian tinderella!

15 Things

Spiders aren’t all that bad: They eat insects and stuff, so we’re cool with a couple of ‘em weaving an occasional web in our house. It’ll be a completely different story, however, if we had 107 million spiders spinning a four-acre web, like the one scientists found in a sewage treatment facility in Baltimore. The web has been removed, but oh man, the thought of all those spiders is enough to haunt our dreams for a long, long time.

15 thingsPhoto via huffingtonpost.com

Harvard University is offering a very, erm, unique workshop for its annual Sex Week. Titled “What in the Butt: Anal Sex 101,” the class gives its students the down low on anal sex, discussing everything from lube and anal toys to the logistics of doing the act in a fun manner. Can you say “Verit-Ass?”

15 Things

Speaking of anal sex, a Greek dude had to undergo surgery after he got his girlfriend’s strap-on stuck in his butt during sex. They sure could’ve used that Harvard lecture…

15 things

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