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Feb 22, 2013
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The 85th annual Academy Awards is just three days away! So which celebrity are y'all rooting for in this year's Oscars? And which critically acclaimed flick caught your fancy? And how much do you know about this awards ceremony in general? We count the ways of how much we love 'em Oscars...in alphabets.

Scroll down and read on!


A is for Argo, which is the film most likely to win Best Picture in this year's Oscars. The film previously won Best Picture at the 70th Golden Globe Awards, the Critics Choice Awards, and the British Academy Film Awards, among others.

B is for Ben Affleck,
director and star of Argo, who failed to get a Best Director nomination despite winning a Golden Globe award for the same category this year. If Argo wins Best Picture, it would be the first film since 1990's Driving Miss Daisy to win the award without the director being nominated. 

is for Coppola,
Roman's last name, who is vying for the Academy Award for Best Screenplay for the movie Moonrise Kingdom. This makes Roman the sixth Coppola to score an Oscar nod, joining his father Francis Ford Coppola, lolo Carmine Coppola, tita Talia Shire, younger sister Sofia Copolla, and pinsan Nicolas Cage. The clan now has 24 nominations.

D is for Daniel Day Lewis, who will likely score his fifth Oscar Best Actor nod for his work in Lincoln. Lewis will be coming in with a 50 percent batting average on Oscar night; the man has won twice in the four times he has been previously nominated.

                                                                              Nasa bigote 'yan eh!

E is for Emmanuel Riva, the 86-year old French actress who scored a Best Actress nod for her performance in the French film Amour. This makes her the oldest actress to ever have been nominated for a Best Actress award. Amour, on the other hand, is only the fifth film to receive nods in the Best Picture and Best Foreign Language Film categories simultaneously.

F is for Flight, the film that earned Denzel Washington his sixth Oscar nomination as an actor. Denzel won his first Oscar as a supporting actor in 1989's Glory, and followed it up more than a decade later with a Best Actor win in 2001's Training Day.

G is for George Clooney, a regular Oscar staple in recent years. Clooney has received close to consecutive Oscar nominations in acting, directing, producing, and writing since 2006 for his work in Syriana, Up In The Air, Michael Clayton, and The Descendants. He is once again vying for a win this year for Argo, this time as a producer.

                                                                                 Clooney: still on target!

is for Hepburn
, arguably the winningest name in Oscar history. Katharine Hepburn was nominated for an Oscar 12 times in her career, winning four of them between 1934 and 1982. Audrey Hepburn meanwhile was nominated six times, winning one for 1954's Roman Holiday. Collectively, they boast five Oscar statuettes and 18 nominations. And, yes, they don't have anything to do with this year's ceremonies, but a record like that should always be included in an Oscars list. 


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