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The bus of shame

Hysterical bus passenger raises hell!
| May 25, 2007
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I frequently take the Lucena-Manila bus route, which takes about three to four hours. On long rides like this, I have this habit of emptying my pockets of everything—coins, cellphone and all—and putting them in my bag so I could sit comfortably and ride out the trip with minimal fuss. So there I was on such a trip, when the bus stopped at a way station so the passengers could relieve themselves. So I went. Walking back I saw my bus leave. What the fuck?! I tried to run after it but to no avail. Damn, I was in trouble—my phone, all my money was in my bag and I left in the bus! I sprang into action and looked for another bus from the same company as my ride, and going to the same route as mine.

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