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The FHM All-Star Babes Dance Crew, Starring Rochelle Pangilinan!

The sexiest dance group ever!
by Ron Jay Eduvas | Jul 5, 2014
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Everybody knows that Rochelle Pangilinan is one helluva dancer. Her body is so fluid that we sometimes wonder if her bones are made of rubber.

But alas, she's not the only FHM Cover Girl who can bust a move. In fact, we can cite a couple of babes who are bendy enough to keep up with the SexBomb standout on the dance floor.

So Rochelle, just in case you're thinking of forming a new all-girl dance group, can we give you some recommendations?


Rochelle will most likely go down as one of the most successful dancers in Pinoy showbiz. Her rare combination of fluid curves and pop n' locks make her a powerhouse on the dance floor.


Just like Rochelle, Sunshine and Aiko both started off as professional dancers. We all know Sunshine and Rochelle go way back, while Aiko was once a member of the ASF Dancers.

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