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Oct 26, 2010
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After four months, we say bye-bye to the NBA off-season, and welcome the 2010-2011 NBA Season.

The off-season has been far from boring what with Lebron switching teams, stars like Chris Paul and Carmelo Anthony demanding trades, and newcomers John Wall and Demarcus Cousins getting us all excited with their preseason play.

But the regular season is still where the real action is set to happen.

We’re pumped, and we bet you are too. The NBA Season opens tomorrow, October 27, with the biggest game being a match between last season’s runner-up Boston Celtics, and arguably this year’s most polarizing squad, the Miami Superfriends (a.k.a the Miami Heat).

To celebrate the league’s opening, we think it’s just apt that we present you with some of the most memorable post-basket celebratory gestures by NBA players through the years.  

Allen Iverson’s “The hop”
Just because you got cornrows like Allen Iverson doesn’t automatically merit respect. In the first game of the 2001 NBA Finals, A.I. schools Tyronn Lue, hits a step back jumper, and to add insult to injury, celebrates his triumph by stepping over a fallen Tyronn Lue.

That’s superstar swagger right there. Unfortunately for him, the Lakers recovered, and trampled over the star’s Sixers in the next four games.

 Vince Carter “It’s over”
Prior to the 2000 NBA Dunk Contest, we already knew that for all of his talents, VC’s bread-and-butter was dunking.

And during the contest itself, he proved just that with an electrifying between-the-legs slam off a bounce pass. The succeeding “point-to-the-sky-it’s-over” celebration was just as iconic, and is still mimicked by people who grew up watching the star every time some glorious victory happens.   

Shawn Kemp slams and points repeatedly
Pointing a finger at a person is not exactly polite behavior. But we guess that when you’ve just dunked over someone in spectacular fashion, one would be inclined to point a finger too just to tell him that “Hey, I dunked on you, baby!” And that’s what Shawn Kemp, the Reignman once did on scrub, Alton Lister. Check out the video to see one of the most epic dunks of all time, and most humiliating (for the opponent) post-basket celebrations as well.

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