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Whoa! News: Science Have Discovered The Perfect Dance Move!

Behold, the body movements that will surely catch a woman’s eye!
by Ron Jay Eduvas | Nov 11, 2014
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Good news, mga papi!

Gone are the days when we have to rely on the "Mathematics Dance" just to impress a gal. And we also no longer need liquid courage to boost our confidence on the dance floor. More importantly, we don't have to do this ever again...

Here's why: Scientists have finally discovered the perfect dance move that'll make even the worst of dancers look good. Fortunately, it's not as complicated as the ones Billy and Vhong do on It's Showtime.

According to The Washington Post, a group of evolutionary biologists from England’s Northumbria University and Germany's University of Gottingen have dedicated their research to determining the body movements that are sure to catch a woman’s eye.

They conducted an experiment by enlisting 30 men to do an improv dance to a single core drum beat for 30 seconds. Their moves were then recorded and later recreated by a computer avatar.

The researchers then hired 37 women to watch and rate each of their performances from highest to lowest. Below is the video that got the highest score!

This one, meanwhile, got the most number of thumbs down.

So if your go-to dance is similar to the clip above, change it A-SAP.

Next time you find yourself on the dance floor, you may want to try this scientifically-proven dance move first. Unless you're as talented as this dude:

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