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The 'Worst' Things Duterte Has Said So Far

...and how his supporters defended him
by The FHM.com.ph editors | Jun 3, 2016
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President-elect Rodrigo Duterte is turning out to be a public relations nightmare. It seems that every day since his election, there’s a new Duterte-ism that does more than ruffle a few feathers—they are just downright outrageous. Supporters are always quick to defend his statements, most of the time attaching their own, uhm, interpretation of what seems to be Duterte’s Inferno.

He is not without credit, as there have been talks about how the new administration’s plans are earning the praise and respect of Filipino citizens, whether they voted for him or not. However, he is no darling to the press.

Yet to assume office, Digong is surely giving the nation a lot to talk about already, arousing the critic in everyone with a Facebook account. Here are some of the most outrageous things that has come out of his pottymouth.

The Great Pope Kerfuffle of 2015

In November of last year, then-candidate Duterte caused quite the stir when he cussed at the Pope like an angry drunk dad. He joked, “Gusto kong tawagan, ‘Pope putang ina ka, umuwi ka na. ‘Wag ka nang magbisita dito.’”

What made people angry?
In a country unable to separate its church from state, a "joke" ringing of blasphemy would never go unnoticed. The Pope is a well-liked figure whose progressive views are being lauded worldwide, and for a presidential candidate to hurl this crassness towards the iconic religious leader, even jokingly, is truly in bad taste. Duterte has since apologized for this word vomit incident and reports say that the Pope has forgiven him.

How did his supporters react?
Many sided with Digong’s foul mouth, their reasons ranging anywhere from appreciating his brutal honest to saying his words were actually directed towards the horrendous traffic that jammed Manila while the Pope was here.

The “Dapat Nauna Ang Mayor” Misunderstanding of 2016

As Digong steadily rose at the polls, a video of him cracking another clever quip, at the expense of slain Australian missionary worker Jacqueline Hamill, circulated on social media.

The 1989 Pugoy hostage-taking incident claimed the lives of over 20 people. In his April 2016 recount of the event, Duterte explains that all of the women were raped, and when he saw Hamill, he thought, “P***** i**, sayang ito. Ang nagpasok sa isip ko, nirape nila, pinagpilahan nila doon. Nagalit ako kasi nirape? Oo, isa rin ‘yun . Pero napakaganda, dapat ang mayor muna ang mauna. Sayang.”

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What made people angry?
Apart from his statements reeking of insensitivity, the thought of a mayor, future president, or anyone expressing desire to be first in line in raping somebody is despicable.

How did his supporters react?
Duterte has made a point to not apologize about his remarks despite worldwide backlash. His supporters stood in his defense saying that they do not care about Digong’s words, as he is a man of action. Perhaps a few jumped ship, but devotees gonna devote and one of them had this to say:

Bongbong Marcos Feels Protection Act of 2016

After getting elected, all eyes were on Duterte like all eyes were on Stephen Curry during playoffs. The new president is turning out to be “da real MVP” of upsetting his own country. For some reason, news started to pop up of Cabinet positions being given away like Whammo’s. All of a sudden, we have VP-elect Leni Robredo rangers clamoring for their champion to be given a Cabinet position. Of course, Duterte had something to say about it: “non-committal ako diyan. You know why? I don't want to hurt the feelings of Bongbong Marcos. He is my friend. That is the political reality.”

What made people angry?
Digong once said “My loyalty to my friends end where my loyalty to my country begins.” Whether you are hoping for Robredo to secure a Cabinet spot or you don’t care, having your new president protect the feelings of somebody, because they’re friends, still sounds upsetting. It’s trapo culture and that friend being Bongbong Marcos just rubs coarse sea salt over documented Martial Law wounds.

People expect that elected officials would work together to put the country’s interests first. After elections, loyalties have no place in decision-making if you’re an official, or in criticism if you’re a citizen. It’s no longer a matter of your favored parties losing or winning. Duterte’s supporters and non-supporters all go back to being citizens the same way.

What are his supporters saying?
Many people have expressed that Duterte owes Robredo, or the Liberal Party for that matter, nothing, and that she is not entitled to a post by default. Digong’s statement has instead brought out either Anti-Robredo and die-hard Marcos folk spewing hatred against the current VP. The controversy surrounding the vice presidential election is a whole other beast.

2016: A Year Out Of Context!

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By late May 2016, Digong is appearing to be a real Rumple-shit-skin, as in everything he says is being spun into shit. A lot of media outlets have been publishing outrageous headlines saying that Duterte is justifying and endorsing murders of journalists.

What made people angry?
Recently featured on Anthony Bourdain’s CNN show, Parts Unknown, was the plight of journalists in the Philippines. Our country is one of the Top 10 most dangerous places for journalists, with 77 being killed since 1992. Duterte matter-of-factly expressed that killings were done for a reason, if one was a corrupt journalist. Seeing as he didn’t denounce the unlawfulness of the acts, many found this as another hard Duterte-ism to swallow.

What are his supporters saying?
Apparently, Duterte is now at odds with “the media,” and is just being true to his style according to this book report:

Duterte’s camp also notes that the journalists are being killed indiscriminately, and have sealed their fate due to messing with the wrong people.

Whistling: Not Sexual Since 2016!

During a press conference, Duterte whistled at reporter Mariz Umali as she tried to do her job at a press conference. She was asking Digong a question when he did a wolf whistle and a little sing-song. The room found itself laughing and Umali had to repeat her question and implore the president-elect to answer her inquiry.

What made people angry?
After the infamous rape joke, many claimed that Duterte was a champion of women’s rights even highlighting his push for the Magna Carta of Women in his hometown of Davao. Yet, this happened. Mariz Umali is a woman who was doing her job and yet she had to stand through a presidential catcall that had her surrounded in laughs.

What are his supporters saying?
In the spirit of telling women what to do or feel, Duterte’s spokeperson, Attorney Salvador Panelo, stated that the receiver should take the wolf-whistling as a compliment, adding “kung maganda ka, bibiruin ka talaga.” This despite Umali’s statement that she found it improper. Duterte has since claimed that there was nothing sexual about his whistling, which wasn’t directed at Umali anyway, citing freedom of expression as his defense.


Photos via The Manila Times Online Facebook (Comic); Duterte News Facebook (Man of Action screenshot); The Karla Gonzales Facebook (Karla Gonzales book report)