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Jun 1, 2015
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Maria Ozawa's recent visit to the country had us gushing over the presence of our "childhood crush," and our gals wondering what the commotion was all about. And now, FHM gives you the chance to physically have her this June—albeit in paperback form.

As much as we want to bombard you with everything about "Miyabi," we feel a single feature wouldn't really suffice. That is why we gathered all the available SFW Ozawa trivia you might not be familiar with despite all your years of dedicated patronage to the Japanese AV goddess.

So, Ozawa-holics, read on to know more about our blockbuster June muse. Because you ain't really a fan if all you know about her is that she's a "star."

1)   Born in Hokkaido, Japan, Maria is of mixed Japanese (mother) and French-Canadian (father) descent.

Photo via Maria Ozawa's Facebook page

2)   This is also the reason why she admits she's more fluent in the English language than in Japanese.

3)   Several write-ups about Maria also mention her love for hockey. We guess her Canadian roots have something to do with this.

Photo via Bikini Hockey League's Facebook page

4)   A 16-year-old Miyabi debuted on-screen in a 30-second commercial for the chocolate brand Dars in 2002.

Video via fdas2g

Skip to 1:30 to witness the birth of a legend...

5)   She broke into the AV scene in 2005, although she also had projects outside of the industry, one of which was a cameo in a hip-hop group's music video, DS445's "SUMMER TIME IN THA D.S.C."

Video via hoodsound

The libido is still strong with that parting scene.

6)   Maria's first mainstream movie was Taiwan's first-ever slasher horror, Invitation Only, in which she played the boss' mistress.

Video via Deltamac Movies

7)   It seems that she can't get enough of the genre as Maria followed it up with an appearance in the 2010 Indonesian thriller, Hantu Tanah Kusir.

Video via Keyjhi Indonesian Movie Traile

8)   Apparently, she has tentacles, as seen in one of her films, the 2012 V-cinema erotic horror
Tokyo Species.

Video via ozawazone

Because hot blondes in horror films are too mainstream...

9)   She also tried her hand at comedy, via the 2010 Indonesian movie, Menculik Miyabi, which translates to "Kidnapping Miyabi."

Video via Keyjhi Indonesian Movie Traile

Maria was even embroiled in controversy when certain Indonesian officials denounced her visit to the country on the course of the movie's promotion. It even ended up with the storyline being altered and all of her scenes filmed in Tokyo.


10)   She also took part in one installment of the TV drama, Tokumei Kakarichō Tadano Hitoshi.

11)   Maria also strut her stuff twice in a striptease bar—Shinjuku New Art—wherein she donned cow girl, geisha, and belly dancer outfits, among others.

Video via mariaoazawafan4life

Video via mariaoazawafan4life


And during her Boys Night Out guesting, we learned that:

12)   She owns a bar called Yugiri in the tourist area of Shinjuku, Japan, where she herself hosts events...

Video via Ozawa Maria

...and holds Jacuzzi parties! *gasp*

im having a jacuzzi party again at my bar in shinjyuku! ジャグジーパーティーpart2が楽しみ過ぎる!

A photo posted by Maria.Ozawa (@maria.ozawa) on

13)   Tequila is her drink of choice.

14)   She is quite serious about her craft, with all scenes—including her moans and expressions—on her AVs being 100-percent REAL.

Which also means her producers don't require the services of this talented porn dubber.

15)   However, her scenes sometimes become too serious and real for her own good that she admits having fallen for some of her co-workers/leading men. (Where can we audition?)

16)   But the most important takeaway from the interview: Maria is VERY MUCH SINGLE AND READY TO MINGLE! (Yeah meeeen!)

Here's the full interview:

Video via Trending Videos TV

17)   Her FHM Philippines stint wasn't her first time working with FHM; in 2009, she appeared on the cover of our Taiwanese counterpart.

Video via FHMTW

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