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Jun 9, 2015
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We've always been told to respect the elderly in every situation. It's the moral thing to do—and lets you sleep at night without worrying about the nasty payback that karma's about to lay on your ass.

Just ask the two Russian punks below who tried to accost an old man just because he was, well, old.

According to reports, a CCTV footage taken outside a shop in Russia recorded two young men as they approached a seemingly innocent old man. The two appeared to be under the influence of alcohol as they tried to pick a fight with the senior citizen.

Just based on the age gap, we didn't think that the old man would be able to defend himself.

Then he forcefully shoves his assailant on the chest. Whatever old-man medicine he was taking, it sure seemed to be working. 

Guy #2 comes to aid his companion only to walk right into a...JAW-DROPPING HAYMAKER!

Figuring out that the old timer wasn't some normal, old pensioner that they can easily bully, Guy #1 throws a punch of his own. It's just too bad that lolo also has a WICKED RIGHT HAND COUNTER in his arsenal!

Ref, do we still need to count?

These two douchebags definitely saw some stars and learned their lesson in dramatic KO fashion. Allegedly, the old man on the CCTV clip was a former boxer. With those nasty hits, we disinclined to argue.

Watch the full video below:

Video via HDNEWS24's YouTube channel

Remember kids: It's not cool to pick on the elderly. Best not to learn this the way that the two thugs above did.