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Feb 10, 2014
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Here's some super good news, guys!

Monster Energy Drink is sending three lucky individuals to Japan to watch professional rally driver phenom Ken Block as he headlines the car drifting event Gymkhana 2014 Japan Experience this July.

And the catch is you'll be watching it with Ellen Adarna. Sounds good? 

Ellen Adarna with Kat Alano and Monster Energy executives

It's triple awesome, we know. Not only will you have the chance to visit the birth place of Gundams and AV Idols, you'll also get to witness the Ken's crazy skills, and get to party with Ellen and the Monster Girls (who are all 100% tsikas)!

To give you a better idea, here's how last year's event unfolded:


And here's the babe who'll distract you from watching be sitting beside you during the event:


For those who aren't in the know, Gymkhana is a growing motorsport wherein drivers must achieve the fastest time while going through complex courses filled with not-so-ordinary obstacles. Said courses require the drivers to perform reversals, 180-degree spins, 360-degree spins, tire-burning drifts, and more amazing car stunts.

Now, if you want to get picked by Monster Energy Drink and get the chance to experience all kinds of awesome, make the jump to the next page!

NEXT: Here's how to join!

Photos Mark Jesalva