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Jun 17, 2010
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One of the biggest annual events for serious gamers the world over is the Electronic Entertainment Expo. [firstpara] It’s the event where the big boys of gaming, Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo make all of their biggest announcements, and tease us with trailers of the next big videogames.

It’s primarily a trade and media event, so unless you’re related to Shigeru Miyamoto or Hideo Kojima, you’ve probably lucked out.

Also, it’s held in the United States, with this year’s event held at the Los Angeles Convention Center from June 15 to 17, so you’ll probably need to get that US Visa approved first.


We’re bummed as well that we won’t be seeing the hot booth babes in person anytime soon.

You know what didn’t bum us though? These five big developments!

1. Gran Turismo 5 races to our consoles in 2010
For a racing game, Gran Turismo 5 sure took its sweet, sweet time to the finish line. First revealed in 2006 under the name Vision Gran Turismo, the game has been in development for around half a decade now.

Since its initial announcement, the release date for the game has always been “TBA” or “To Be Announced,” which basically means the developers have no idea when they might be able to finish the product.

In one big game convention in Tokyo in 2009, a release date of March 2010 was finally announced. As gamers should know, the developers failed to make the date, and everything was up in the air once again.

Now comes E3 2010, and Sony has made the promise that the incredibly detailed game will finally be coming out in November 2010. We’re excited, but not without a hint of caution. Another delay, and we’ll really be mad. Or not. That special collector’s edition looks sweet.

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