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True Halloween Stories As Told by the FHM Nation!

Let's celebrate Halloween ala-midnight society and share ghost stories tonight
by Mikey Agulto | Oct 31, 2011
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If you're as much a Halloween junkie as we are, then you also believe that after all the costume partying, legendary MGB episodes, and a marathon of horror flicks come the part we love the most -that is, forming a circle and sharing real-life ghost stories on the eve of October 31, which is tonight. Spook-eh!

It gives us the chills just thinking about it. Stories chronicling one's encounter with ghoul creatures, paranormal activities that take place in the very house you live in, and the insane possibiity of it all actually happening to you when you lay in bed tonight. And you believe it will indeed happen just because it's already November 1.

Alas, it turns out members of the FHM nation have the best collection of Halloween stories we've heard in a long time. Not too detailed, yet informative by the second. Never exaggerated, but realistic enough to make one fear that it could actually happen to anyone. And definitely too damn scary to simply forget afterwards. Check them out! 

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