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Tuesday Links

Went through the debacle that was Monday to bring you these trending topics on the web. Enjoy!

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The online community seems to have a huge fondness for anything that indicates either of the two: WIN and FAIL. [firstpara] Websites containing news, photos, music, movies, and even advertisements are now judged and labelled either as a winner or a failure.

As much as we love seeing the web winners (babes, sexy celebs included), we do find happiness in witnessing epic fails as well. Here is a compilation of 10 things we scooped on the net this week.

Quark Henares' Top Trivia Picks from FHM
The film director/rock star says he hasn't learned anything from FHM at all, but he goes on to dish out the most tantalizing trivia he can pull out from the likes of Katya Santos, Asia Agcaoili, and Aubrey Miles. From what we can tell, he's been reading a lot!

10 Reasons To Avoid Talking on the Phone
We have the tendency to bring out the anti-social in all of us every now and then. The regular conversationalist has to check this comic-strip out, and we will guarantee that 8 out of 10 reasons has happened to each and everyone of us one way or another. It's a funny thought, but it sure as hell is true.

Twitter Fail
Apparently, some people took the concept of Twitter a little bit too seriously. This website features the lousiest, creepiest, and runchiest tweets made by Twitter users. Only in this site will you see a mime tweeting only the expression ".........." everyday. Ridiculous.

Winter Olympics Gets Hot!
Don't you find the concept of hot winter olympians ironic? We really have no idea who these olympians are, but had we known these foxy ladies were competing, we would have watched the Winter Olympics in some capacity.

Valentine's Day Proposal Fails
We know Valentine's Day was two weeks ago, but the rejected dudes featured in this video compilation will be sulking for weeks to come. C'mon ladies, saying "no" was bad enough. Why do you all have to run as far as possible?