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Dec 8, 2014
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While Yolanda was the strongest Typhoon that Eastern Visayas has faced, Ruby is the longest-staying one, so says Tacloban Vice Mayor Jerry Yaokasin in a report by Rappler.

What does that mean? That means that this storm has a wide window of opportunity to batter us. If Yolanda were more of a Blake Griffin slam dunk, Ruby is the San Antonio Spursa storm that takes its sweet time to crush your soul.

Here's Yolanda veteran, Atom Araullo, reporting about this "slow" typhoon:  

Video via ABS-CBN News

Hours after Atom's report, the first photos showing Ruby's aftermath surfaced. They proved that, although it's no Yolanda (thank God!), we should all be wary of Ruby. Below are some of these photographs, collected from across media channels. Keep praying, fellas!

1)   This shore in Albay looks as if it's ready to be gobbled up by titanic waves.

Image via Gmanetwork.com 

2)   Tall buildings and structures were not spared from the Ruby's blows.

Images via Gmanetwork.com

3)   A stroll through the storm-ravaged streets of Eastern Visayas looks like a scene straight out of a disaster movie.

Image via Gmanetwork.com

Image via Anc.yahoo.com

Image via Anc.yahoo.com

4)   Remember the saying that in order to withstand the wind, you need to bend like bamboo? Well, these posts didn't get the memo.

Image via Anc.yahoo.com

5)   Wide, landscape images show the extent of Ruby's waste-laying ways.

Image via Anc.yahoo.com

Image via Anc.yahoo.com

And if you zoomed out further, it looks scarier. Here's a shot of the super storm taken by astronaut, Terry W. Virts:

6) Even vehicles were not safe hiding places from Ruby's wrath

Image via Anc.yahoo.com

Image via Anc.yahoo.com

7)   Here's something that would be on our list of things we wouldn't mind not doing during a storm surge:

Image via Rappler.com

8)   On Twitter, results for #RubyPH are just as heartbreaking:

Just a little more, Philippines, and we'd have survived another humongous force of nature. Let's brace ourselves for this storm's continuing stroll through the lands, and pray for those who have been killed, injured or displaced by it!