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The MyFHM gallery is expanding to include photos you've taken during FHM events. Ain't that good news! [firstpara]

We've been looking at the FHM bullboard threads and noticed an army of you posting photos you've taken during autograph signings or during FHM parties and EBs.

We reckon, they will make an awesome addition to the already impressive "Shameless" and "Who the Hell" galleries—Impressive galleries thanks to you!

So consider this a call for submission, people. We’ll be waiting for your pretty mugshots, everyone!

Now, to open this gallery, a virtual ribbon-cutting, shall we? Sam Pinto will be signing your magazine copies today, July 9 at the Robinson's Galleria Movieworld from 4-6pm.

How about you take photos of yourselves during the event and then upload them here?

The first one to successully post a Sam Pinto autograph signing photo under the FHM Event tag, of course (remember, it's been the FHM editors who decide which tag or category your photos belong in) wins... a super-secret most-wanted prize.

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