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Valerie's Gallery: FHM Interprets Her Paintings!

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by Mikey Agulto | Oct 8, 2013
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You know what sets Valerie Bangs Garcia apart from other FHM cover babes? Should her showbiz career dwindle (though we don't see that happening anytime soon), she could easily venture into the local art scene, because she's a ridiculously good painter.

So good that Valerie once sold one of her paintings for P150,000, and we're talking about a girl who's only been doing this for less than three years. Not too many people get to find their second calling in life, but she sure found hers early.

Bangs Garcia
So now that we're done marveling at the masterpiece that is Bangs, it's time to marvel at her actual works of art. Scroll down to check out her paintings and see if our Da Vinci-like interpretations coincide with yours!


Bangs Garcia
Our interpretation:
This masterful piece of art depicts the ligawan process between a male black fish and a female red fish. The male tries his darnest to catch the other fish's fancy, but what he doesn't know is that the female has long been chasing his tail as well. Did you know a koi fish is a symbol for love and affection? Awww?
The real story behind it: "It's all about balance. I wanna be known as a Yin Yang painter someday. Plus, I'm a Gemini," Valerie explains.


Bangs Garcia
Our interpretation:
This exquisite masterpiece depicts a woman's fear of hair salons, hence the big and bouncy locks. After a day of strolling in the forest, she comes home with a bevy of dirt on her hair. But that's nothing a little dip in the lake couldn't fix.
The real story behind it: Valerie says she tends to find inspirations for her paintings on the web, and this piece is one of her prime examples.


Bangs Garcia
Our interpretation: This delicate piece of art depicts the story of Hubba-Dubbah, the man who bravely roamed the Sahara dessert with his pet camel to search for the tree of life. He finally finds it after several weeks, but his pantog was about to burst so he had to take a piss behind the tree, which explains his absence in this picture.
The real story behind it: Valerie claims she finished this painting less than 24 hours before it was shown at the Beauty Queens in Art and Beauty Exhibit last year.

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