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May 7, 2015
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Don't you hate slip-ups?

Like that one time you just wanted to compliment your girl's cooking but inadvertently blurted out your office crush's name instead? Good luck explaining that.

Well, that also sort of happened to our beloved president Vice President, Jejomar Binay—only in his case, he might've been caught in a daydream during a recent interview.

See for yourself:

The verbal mistake reportedly occured at an event in Pasay City yesterday, when Binay was ambushed by reporters regarding his involvement with the University of Makati's College of Nursing. Senator Antonio Trillanes IV recently alleged that the veep was part-owner of the department and part of its earnings goes to him.

The first gaffe occured when the veep was asked if he had indeed stepped down as chairman of the shareholders of the Philippine Healthcare Educators Inc (PHEI), while the next came when he was asked who his running mate will be for the 2016 Presidential Elections. Oops!

Be mindful next time, Mr. Presi- er, we mean Vice President...