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Jun 5, 2015
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Remember the super trending video of a bunch of dancing manongs that took over the local Internet a few months back? Well, we now have another "Only in the Philippines" clip which, at the very least, rivals that in terms of virality, and it shows two things we already know: When resources are lacking, we find ways and, yes, we love ourselves some watery fun!

The video, which was first uploaded on June 1 by a Facebook user named Thurrd Salita, has already garnered whopping social media stats of over 1.3 million views, almost 46,000 likes, over 800 comments, and almost 29,000 sharesall that in just five days!

And what does it show? Five unnamed dudes sliding down an irrigation canal in what looks to be a rural setting having the time of their lives!

The proof is in their faces:

canal slide

canal slide

canal slide

canal slide

That's pure, unadulterated bliss right there!

The original post is accompanied by the caption: "Bakit ka pa magbabayad at pipila ng mahaba sa slidefest kung libre naman sa kanal." For the clueless, Slidefest is actually a real event (it's marketed as a water slide festival) that took place in several parts of Metro Manila recently and features a big-ass 1,000-foot water slide.

Check out its promo video below:

Video via Slidefest Philippines

Looks like a lot of fun, yes? But if you're low on funds (Slidefest had a minimum slide fee of P300), then we go back to the aforementioned caption.

Lo and behold, the full video of the epic slide!

Bakit ka pa magbabayad at pipila ng mahaba sa slidefestkung libre naman sa kanal.

Posted by Thurrd Salita on Monday, June 1, 2015

Can't argue with how absolutely fun-tastic it look! And we'd gladly have a go with our pals at it, too, as long as a few precautions are met (e.g. the water's clean, it's not too steep a drop). Because, as always, safety first, fellas!

UPDATE: We previously incorrectly mentioned that the slide took place in a drainage canal. However, new information says that it's actually a much cleaner irrigation canal. Thanks, FHM Nation, for pointing out our boo-boo!

Feature image and thumbnail via Fancy.com