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Nov 25, 2014
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Tired of getting the same haircut you've had since high school? Then why don’t you try something hot, like the faux-hawk, the new undercut, Ogie Menor's Butiki Cut, or the Internet's latest the fire cut...


Call the fire department, STAT!

Here's the full video: 

Video via WorldStarHipHop News

Apparently, this badass coiffeur (whose name somehow has evaded our awesome Googling skills) isn't the only one practicing this fiery style. In fact, many talented barbers from all around the world, from Eastern Europe (where this video supposedly came from) to Washington DC and all the way to China, have ditched their scissors for lighters.

Here are a few more clips of this unique haircutting, er, hair burning technique:


Video via Bassem Sabry

Video via patchaol

Video via mun sungwon

We don't know about you; but we're not exactly fond of smelling like burnt hair. So a big PASS on this one.

And besides, we doubt it could help us achieve our dream hairstyle: Ice Cube' perfect Jheri Curls! #BatangBata

GIF via Buzzfeed