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8 Insider Tips to Really Enjoy FHM Bikini Heaven 2013

Kita kits sa Bora this Friday!
by Mikey Agulto | Mar 20, 2013
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FHM Bikini Heaven 2013—that one's happening!

FHM Bikini Heaven
This annual two-piece extravaganza, happening in the shores of Boracay this Friday, March 22, will have a mother lode of celebrities and models in fine swimsuits. We've already given you a quick review of the dos and don'ts when staring at women in bikinis; this is where we share our insider tips on how to get the most out of your party experience. Scroll down below and read on!

1. Watch out for this guy.
If you see our celebrity coordinator strutting around, chances are FHM babes aren't very far behind. If you're hunky and macho on the other hand, chances are he won't be very far behind as well. Seriously, watch out for this guy.

FHM Bikini Heaven

2. FHM cover babe Daiana Menezes may or may not be in Boracay that same weekend.
Daiana attending this year's beach festivities is beyond our confirmation, but we heard she'll be there to tend to other engagements. To find out for sure, refer to our previous tip.

FHM Bikini Heaven

3. This chick will definitely be in Boracay this weekend. Perennial FHM Bikini Heaven headliner Ornusa Cadness
will be joined by fellow FHM babes Jef Gaitan, Wendy Valdez, Abby Poblador, and Yam Concepcion, among others.

FHM Bikini Heaven

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