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Jun 17, 2013
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Is Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” currently your girlfriend's "jam"? Has she put it on loop, especially when you're earshot of her music player? Acting surprised won't do you any good: It's June, brother—the most popular month for getting doomed, err, getting married!

Our advice? Do not let such temporal romantic notions sway your decision in matters concerning The Great Bending Of The Knee. Instead, make sure that you’re really ready to bid adieu to your bachelor ways (consult this little guide by Master Suplado Stanley Chi) and, better yet,  answer this question first: Do the phrases "ball and chain," “quiet life,” “family man,” and “an army of mini yous” excite you?  

If yes, then by all means bring out that expensive rock you secretly purchased months ago and get those knees dirty. Whatever romantic scenario you decide to do though, avoid repeating these embarrassing proposal and wedding mishaps we've collected from YouTube! Learn from it below!

1) Proposing on-court during halftime isn't always a good idea

Good thing the stands were almost empty. Also, this allegedly was a prank. But you get the idea.

2) Proposing during halftime of a televised NBA game might not be as romantic as you've imagined

NBA: Where Amazing Dumping Happens. (Yeah, the commentator probably jinxed it. But at least Clutch gave him a free beer.)

3) Here's why proposing at the food court is a no-no

Don't be a cheapskate, bud, just for this one time dig down in your pockets and get her to a fancy restaurant! It should be kind of special for her.

4) Propose to her when you're (both) sober

Or it'll be considered as usapang lasing.

5) You can show how much you've fallen for her

The idea is to make her worry her brains out so she won't say no when you finally pop the question. If you're up for something wilder that falling into things, here's a guiding principle: Don't do something that could induce a heart attack (read: keep her alive)!

There, you've braved the fire, knelt down on one knee, and put a ring on it. All that's left now is the wedding itself. But know that weddings are not always bereft of misfortunes. Sometimes, it's a magnet for disasters—and worse, will almost always be captured on cam. On the next page are some tips on how your wedding could avoid the FAIL! stamp.

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