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Jun 25, 2010
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It’s a Michael Jackson weekend everybody. Let’s all rock the night away, y’all![firstpara]
Michael Jackson Anniversary Party at M Café

A Michael Jackson anniversary tribute party happens at M Café located at Greenbelt 4 in Makati. The party happens on June 25, Friday. Giving everyone a thriller of a night are DJs Kristian Hernandez, Miss Badkiss and other special guest DJs all giving us their very own Michael Jackson mixes!

Everyone is also encouraged to come dressed in your best Michael Jackson impersonation. Signature drinks such as Blame it on the Boogie, Off the Wall, Thriller and Bad.

 This Is It on HBO
Those not looking to go out can just stay home and still catch some Michael Jackson goodness as Michael Jackson’s This Is It premieres on HBO on June 25 at 9 PM. The film documentary contains behind-the-stage scenes of Michael Jackson’s preparations for his supposed farewell concert last year. Definitely a must-watch film for every MJ fan.

Gigs galore
Just because he died last year doesn’t mean that he gets to hog all the musical limelight for himself this weekend. Happening over at Route 196 on June 25 is a Helm of the Realm productions featuring musical acts that are sure to electrify your Friday night.

Speaking of electricity, it’s Groove Nation’s Deep Fried on the following night June 26,  with Mario Serano, Ean Mayor (of Up Dharma Down), The Skeletal Outfit, and H-Hub still at Route 196.


Over at Saguijo, on the other hand, we have a hard-rocking SonicBoom gig featuring Salamin, December Avenue, Subscapular, Urbandub and Gasulina on June 25.

It’s going to be fiery and explosive in Saguijo with all these bands even as the rains start to become a nightly visitor.  

Iconology: Akafellas and The Bloom Brothers
Iconology: A journey through decades of pop and rock music happens on June 26, 9 PM over at The Vue Bar, Bellevue Hotel, Alabang.

The retro-inspired musical event features the beautiful harmonies of the Akafellas and the band formerly known as The Bloomfields, the now moptop-free, Bloom Brothers.

Name changes aside, we know one thing that’s never going to change: rock classics never get old, which is exactly what we’ll get to listen to in this event!