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Welcome Aboard, Techie!

Because boys love their tech toys
by Neps Firmalan | Jul 2, 2012
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Attention, FHM nation! Today we formally welcome the addition of to our website and with it, the arrival of more tech-related stories and features for your consumption. Think of this merger as a little something-something for our readers who have a killer liking for all things shiny, aside of course from our usual dose of well-oiled, scantily-clad babes. Did we just earn ourselves a thousand credibility points for this? Apir!

Why the move? We'd like to expand our offerings to our dear readers and the inclusion of, considered the mother lode of gadgetry news, would bring a helluva lot more to our site. We just love technology and the awesome gadgets it spawns ever so frequently. Boys gotta love their tech toys!

The FHM Techie section is now up and running! Expect to see more gadget news, more reviews, and some of the finest tech features under the orange banner. Allow us to officially welcome our newfound Techie readers - welcome aboard and we hope you'll enjoy your stay! To our loyal readers meanwhile, sit back, relax, and prepare for more interesting stories about all things tech coming your way. Things just got more legit!

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