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What is Buy Nothing Day?
<p>Here's your chance to do some necessary saving!</p>
| Nov 27, 2009
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“Our idea is to make a visual record of our Buy Nothing Day with our cameras,” they say on site. Following BND, Lomography Mexico will gather all the photos and then send to media and make them available online.

This year’s general stunt however is the Wildcat General Strike. “On November 27/28 we’re asking tens of millions of people around the world to bring the capitalist consumption machine to a grinding – if only momentary – halt. We want you to shut off your lights, your televisions and other nonessential appliances. We want you to park your car, turn off your phones and log off your computer for the day. We’re calling for a Ramadan-like fast. From sunrise to sunset, we abstain en masse,” BND activists call in the adbusters website.

So if you're looking to make a difference or simply save a few pesos, how about you try Buy Nothing day tomorrow.


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