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How Not to Get a Date with a Ghost on Ghost Day

Watch out!
by Mikey Agulto | Aug 19, 2013
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Heads up, FHM Nation: The world is commemorating Hungry Ghost Month this August! According to tradition, the gates of hell will be opened from the 7th of August to the 4th of September, giving the spirits and souls of the otherworld the freedom to roam ours.

Tomorrow (August 20) in particular marks the midway point of the month-long folklore, also known among the Chinese as Ghost Day, thus the need to watch our backs, pay our respects, and keep it on the down low with ghosts. Common belief has it that when these ghosts are provoked or disrespected they tend to trespass into houses, bring bad luck, and, in the most severe cases, possess bodies. That is, if you believe this to be true at all.

So how do we make them bad spirits go away on Ghost Day? After doing a bit of research, we advise you to never ever...

Ghost Month
Hardcore Chinese traditionalists in general tend to stay away from black and red clothing during ghost month, because doing so is considered inauspicious and ill-omened.

Ghost Month
One should try to avoid talking about ghosts on ghost day, because these spirits do not like being put on a negative light and it might offend them.

Ghost Month
One should not take out wet clothes for drying in the night, because spirits will be attracted to try them on, which in turn will bring bad luck to the person who wears it later on.

Ghost Month
One should never pee on a tree because it may offend the spirits that reside there. And a polite "tabi-tabi po" ain't going to help either.

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