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Dec 13, 2014
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Earlier this week, an Ateneo Graduate School student posted a video on Facebook about his not-so-friendly encounter with a taxi driver:

Video via Sarj B

Apparently, the taxi driver got irritated when the graduate school student handed him a P500 bill, because he didn't have enough change for it. The student insisted that they go to the nearest gasoline station to get change, which infuriated the cab driver even more. What followed was a rash of insulting and aggressive words directed at the passenger.

In the end, the taxi driver gave the student his change after stopping at a gas station. The driver then asked the student to get out of the cab before speeding away.

So we asked: Who was really at fault here? The student who only had a P500 bill and didn’t inform the cabbie beforehand? Or the driver who set out on his shift without enough change for his passengers?

As always, we get the opinion of the almighty Intenet, where local netizens were pretty much divided on who to blame for the brouhaha. Here are the ones who think that it was the driver's fault:

Some even tagged the Facebook page of our brothers from Top Gear Philippines (aka Ang Bagong Sumbungan Ng Bayan)

While these people sided with manong taxi driver and thinks that it's the student's fault:

Pretty even, right? Now share your thoughts on the comments section below!