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May 30, 2013
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Hey brah, check this out: We just saw a video of a man playing the guitar while undergoing brain surgery. Whaaa?

Okay, two things. We had no idea you could stay awake during a highly-sensitive surgery. And how is he still playing good music with his skull sawed in half? Uhm, is that you, Captain Awesome?


Said patient is Brad Carter, an aspiring actor and musician who went through this medical procedure to help fix the effects of his Parkinson's Disease. The operation was done to help surgeons pinpoint exactly where to place the electorates in his brain. "We put this electrode, or pacemaker, in a very specific part of the brain during the surgery," explains Dr. Nader Pouratian, one of the surgeons who performed the surgery at the UCLA Medical Center. "We keep the patient awake during the surgery to make sure we got the right spot and that it's stopping the tremor."

This makes Brad the 500th patient to undergo this procedure awake, but the operating room blues session was his idea—and that one's a first. "He asked, 'can I bring the guitar into the operating room and see if the stimulation makes it better,'" says Dr. Pouratian. "And so we did that and it was really unique, we've never done that before." Carter even live tweeted the whole thing (because apparently guitar-playing alone ain't super enough).

While the surgery won't necessarily cure Parkinson's disease, the electorates will help control his tremors so he can continue to pull off certain things like, say, rockin' and rollin'. "I want to record. I want to perform again. So hopefully this is going to help," says Brad. Given how good a musician this guy actually is, we can't wait what his post-surgery brain will cook up next.

Spread this amazing story, y'all! Because the surgery could have easily gone this way: