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Feb 9, 2015
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FHM Nation, Aiko Climaco is our Cover Girl this February! Spread the word, will you?


This cover happens to be Aiko's second cover appearance, but her first without her friends and fellow FHM favorites, Sunshine Garcia and Jef Gaitan. The Banana Split star now has a cover to call her own, and we couldn't be prouder of her.

There are a million reasons why we chose Aiko to headline our February issue, but these 10 Instagram photos best encapsulate the qualities that make her worthy of a solo cover. In a nutshell, Aiko deserves this a hundred percent because...

Because her kiss is on our list of the best things in life, and it's the one thing we miss when we turn off the lights.

Because no amount of dirt can hide her silky white skin.

Because you should never ever underestimate the power of her kili-kili.

Because the Girls of FHM Bionic tell us that athletic girls are definitely more flexible in bed.

Because she looks incredibly alluring even with hair rollers on.

A photo posted by Aiko Climaco (@aikolicious06) on

Because she likes lunch dates as much as we do.

Because there are very few things better than seeing her beautiful face first thing in the morning.

Because there are very few things better than seeing her beautiful butt when you get home in the evening.

Because when she looks at you like that... #AlamNa

Because this is a decision we knew we had to make the first time we met. Pretty and talented girls tend to have that effect on us.

Congratulations on your first solo cover, Aiko!