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TGYF: 20 Reasons Why You Should Thank God You're Fat

No kidding, being big has its benefits!
by Neps Firmalan | Sep 19, 2013
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Being on the big side might not be the best of things. We get it, there are plenty of health issues against it. Plus of course, our idea of what's pogi usually doesn't inspire images of flabby arms and beer bellies.

However, despite what your buff friends tell you, being fat isn't necessarily a negative thing. So, if you're wide, chin up, bro! It ain't all that bad. You can still consider yourself a bit lucky, particularly because of these simple reasons...

1. You have a good chance of receiving the remark, "Uy, kamukha mo si (insert name of a chubby sikat personality)!"

reasons why it's good to be fat
Don't worry, it's not only about you being fat, it has something to do with you being cute, too. Naks!

2. You can use your large belly as an instant table when you watch TV

reasons why it's good to be fat
...perfect for holding different kinds of stuff, from plates to the remote control.

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3. You have added insulation

reasons why it's good to be fat
Because, you know, more fat = more warmth.

Hindi ka tatablan ng kurot

reasons why it's good to be fat
One of the few times being called kapal muks is actually a good thing.

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