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12 Reasons Why Taylor Swift Should Date Pinoys!

The American pop sensation is now single! Time to step up, Pinoys!
by Cia Juan | Jun 5, 2014
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Ermahgerd! We can't believe Taylor Swift will be having a concert in Manila this Friday, June 6! Also, she's currently single! 

The pop princess has been known to write songs about her high-profile exes, but after what she calls a "depressing" series of breakups, she's now considering dating ordinary guys.

According to Hollywood Life, Taylor's shifting her focus from Hollywood guys to more down-to-earth ones who can give her some stability and make her feel loved and not used. She, too, wants to focus on old-fashioned dates. Oh, Taylor, you poor little thing.

In line with this, we say now is the time to step up, Pinoy Casanovas! We analyze Taylor's interests based on her song lyrics, dating history, and the many quotes she has in the Internet to give you an idea on how to woo her, because, for all you know, her next boyfriend could be a Noypi! Tiwala lang, bro!  

1) She likes her boys tanned

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If you listen carefully to her latest hit "Back to December," a song that was reportedly written for Taylor Lautner, she sings the following: "I miss your tanned skin / your sweet smile / So good to me / so right." 

Right, that alpaca has no match to our naturally sun-kissed complexion, you know. 

2) She likes them old-fashioned

She recently said that she likes old-fashioned guys. Good thing we know the most important old-school trick on how to please a woman: Listen to her! 

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According to the video below, foreigners find it both weird and cute that Filipinos would put off dates to attend Sunday mass with parents or wait after marriage to have sex. It doesn't get more old-fashioned than that.

Taylor was also known to be "saving herself" for her future husband, until she met Jake Gyllenhaal, who reportedly took her virginity. That bastard! Don't worry, Taylor, we don't mind!

3) She likes gentlemen

In her song "Begin Again," Taylor may be referring to ex Connor Kennedy and his gentlemanly moves: "You pull my chair out and help me in / And you don't know how nice that is / But I do."

She may have said "I'm not a princess, this ain't a fairy tale..." in her famous song "White Horse," but she'll be glad to know that Pinoys are taught to treat girls like a princess—fetch her from her home, greet her parents, open the door or pull out the chair for her, take her hand when alighting a vehicle so she doesn’t trip, walk her home, you know the drill.

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