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Jul 12, 2010
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As the World Cup finals gripped sports enthusiasts over the weekend, FHM.com.ph held many a man's attention, too. [firstpara]Because over the weekend, we had a dozen of tickets to the sexiest party in the land for you to win!

That's right, we alotted ten pairs of tickets for the Scavenger Hunt Promo. And another pair for the dude who devirginizes the FHM Events category over at the gallery section of MyFHM.

Without further ado, here are the 10 winners of the FHM 100 Sexiest scavenger hunt. Each winner will receive two tickets to the FHM 100 Sexiest Party to be held on July 15, at the World Trade Center in Pasay.

1.    aronloyola – 1680 clicks
2.    yummy_darlyn - 1553 clicks
3.    Loki Jr. – 1468 clicks
4.    dynobebe – 1465 clicks
5.    jay1208 – 1460 clicks
6.    bea_kenrick – 1459 clicks
7.    justblaze – 1459 clicks
8.    vione01 – 1459 clicks
9.    kakimomo – 1459 clicks
10.    Jade_Mason1485 – 1459 clicks

It seems a lot of you have a lot to say about the contest over at our Bullboard. First off, we can assure that the appearance of the ticket is totally random. It differs for every user. The tickets can appear on any spot on the page.

Every ticket has a unique code as well, which means that once you click one ticket, it’s going to count for just one point. Opening multiple browsers to click on that ticket multiple times will still just count for a single point.

Think of the Scavenger Hunt as you would a videogame: The further you go and the nearer you get to your goal, the harder it becomes.

This is why it became harder for those who have entered the top ten positions to maintain position, and ultimately to win. To keep the game going, we had to make it a little be more challenging for those in the top ten.

If we didn't, then the Scavenger Hunt would've ended on the same night that we launched it; no fair for everybody else, especially to those in the 11-20 positions.

This is also the reason why the scores from the 3rd to 10th spots aren’t too far away from each other. We hope we’ve given enough light on this matter.

In the post-a-photo promo contest, congratulations to user “starcock.” He was the first user to upload a photo taken with Sam Pinto at our covergirl’s autograph signing event.

Congratulations “starcock,” not only for scoring those two tickets, but also for having the most awesome username in this website.

To all the winners: we will be sending you a confirmation e-mail soon, which also includes details on how to claim your prizes. You will need this notification before you can claim your tickets.


Again, congratulations to all of you! To those who didn’t win, thank you for playing, and we hope you win the next time! Don't worry, there'll be more of these contests in the future!