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The Best of FHM's World Ender

End of the world, <em>ngayong gabi na</em>! <em>Tutukan</em>!
by Gelo Gonzales | Dec 20, 2012
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Today is December 20. Tomorrow, the world ends.

Or not.

Nonetheless, it had been fun to pretend for an entire year that the world was going to be hit by a rogue asteroid/invaded by zombies/enslaved by Martians/implode from the core/swallowed by a cataclysmic tsunami come December 21, 2012.

Our almost nerd-like obsession over the apocalypse gave birth to a monthly feature called The World Ender, which was basically us doing a boatload of things ranging from silly to sorta smart while urging you to do the same, all because the apocalypse was near. Who knew that an imaginary deadline was all we needed to get things checked off our bucket lists?

It also gave us the perfect excuse to talk to women and ask them apocalyptic questions. And to honor that tradition, (and because you like ogling pictures of cute girls), here's this year's last edition, Planet Woman: Your Dying Words as the World Ends.

Join us now as we take a look back at some of the things we had been able to accomplish! Click on the picture to see the full story!

1) We went inside a dark cave in Puerto Prinsesa.

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2) We got to date FHM babe Arra Pascual

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3) We told FHM hotties Cyril Locsin and Lorraine de Jesus we'd make them famous (which we were able to accomplish)

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4) We got Direk Quark Henares, the man behind Keka, Gamitan, and Super Noypi, to tell us all about the road to Rakenrol.

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