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World Ender: A 8-Step Guide to Quitting Cigarettes

How quitting cigarettes will take you to hell and back
by Gelo Gonzales | Jul 21, 2012
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Fourteen years. That’s how long I was a smoker. And you know what? I loved every moment. And then one day, for reasons that deserve another story altogether, I decided to quit smoking. And it feels great! I feel great! I feel so great I want to encourage everyone to do the same. Or at least try.

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Don't get me wrong. Every day I still wonder about smoking. I know how it feels like to be drawn to the fire. It’s in our nature. Quiting is an exercise that will test your being. I’m not one to give unsolicited advice, but tells me at least I've done it. Below is what worked for me.

1. Don’t be a dumb-ass: If you like it so much, sige nga: what do you know about nicotine? Why do you think you need nicotine? Do you know what it can do to you? Google it. That should be a good start.

2. Cold turkey is the only way. This is the only thing that worked for me, at least. And so I googled it. Research has it that gradually lessening nicotine intake will only lock you into a heavier smoking cycle.

3. Stress is not an excuse to smoke. Stress is not an excuse. Besides the stress relief you think you're getting from lighting up is bollocks. It's not really helping you deal with things. So how about you stop pointing to stress and just deal with it already?

4.When you become a monster. Of course you will encounter massive withdrawals. The core of your being will be shaken, and there will be times when you will lash out at your loved ones. When this happens, allow it. Know why it's happening and then ride the agony and resist the craving. It's just a test of your inner resolve. What helped me was repeatedly telling myself some mantra or some other. “I will not smoke today.” In the end, you are the winner. If you have a few days under your belt, never say that you will be quit “forever”. Stick to one day at a time until the craving is gone completely.

6. When at a bar. Snap out of the self-pity and direct your energies to the ladies instead. Try your best to not look like you’re spazzing out when you make conversation, though. The I-need-a-cigarette look can be kind of creepy.

7. When you need that cig to help you on the crapper. Eat high-fiber food is all we can say. As in oatmeal, prunes, cereal, grapefruit, you get the drift. Such stuff will help your digestion go back to normal. Some constipation is in the cards, but know that that it too, will pass. You will probably eat more, but you probably needed that anyway. Didn't smoking make you look gaunt?

8. When you need that first smoke of the day. Take the same deep drag minus the stick. Feel free. You are no longer a prisoner to the primordial fire.

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