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World Ender: July

Master the art of 'the quit' now!
by Gelo Gonzales | Jul 21, 2012
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Today is July 21. Five months from now, the world will quit on us in a variety of ways you've already heard already: Tsunamis. Aliens. Zombies. Earthquakes. Etc. In response: We jumped off cliffs, dated an FHM babe, urged everyone to try and get famous. It's all starting to get old, really, but we did one on finishing what you started. That's always an effective reminder so we're guessing, this sh*t is on the right track.

So now, just to shake things up, we do the opposite of starting something: We quit. We quit things we think we need, we quit things we know we do, and we quit those we should've done a long time ago. There appears to be a common denominator. In all of them, we came out a winner.

We begin with...Ever thought of quitting your job? Lourd de Veyra quit his, in exchange for a grant. And then we

Paulo Subido, a writer for Topgear loves cars and cigarettes. Well, until he quit yosi and never looked back. Now, HOW is that possible? Paulo gives his own personal, practical take on the matter  to help you become the rarest of men: successful yosi quitters. Click to read more.

When absorbed tech site,, it wasn't just the brand we'd absorbed, but their main guy too: Neps Firmalan. So we did what we thought was ironic (and also kind of mean), and made him quit Facebook. Shudder. Here he details how life without Facebook feels like. Click to read more.

This month we bug womanhood with the question: "Y u so pretty?" Just kidding. We ask them what they'd like to quit before the world quits on them. Click to read more.

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