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LOOK: A World Map Based On The Favorite Beer Of Different Countries!

It's a booze-lovin' world out there!
by Neps Firmalan | Mar 23, 2015
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"Beer is love. Beer is life. Beer is precious. Beer is nice."

This totally made-up mantra perfectly embodies what we dudes already know: Beer is among man's greatest creations. And, no matter where you go, you'll find that this alcoholic elixir of woozy happiness is present. In fact, we could make a case that, together with plain ol' water and soda, it's among the world's most popular drinks!

beer map

Which is why we believe that, wherever you may be, you'll have a hankering to down a few bottles. This brings us to our latest public service announcement for all bro-kind: a map of the world based on the fave beer brand of different countries!

If ever / The next time you find yourself out-of-the-country, use this nifty guide to know what you should order at the bar. You can also use it as conversation starter, maybe even a pick-up line ("I'm guessing you're a Bud girl. I am too.")! Do whatever you please with it, bros!


beer map


beer map


beer map


beer map

Made by Vinepair, the map details the most popular beer brands in terms of market share in 100 countries and, yes, we Pinoys love our bottle of Pulang Kabayo.

So there, now you know what beer to chug down on foreign shores. Or, you know what? Scratch all that. Get the bar list and just explore! Discovering something new is always fun, you know!

As always though, DRINK MODERATELY. It looks fun, but trust us when we say you wouldn't want to experience a real-life version of The Hangover.

beer mapGIF via Gifrific.com

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