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WTF News: Man Gets Stuck Inside A Vagina and 6 Other Headlines That Are Just As Crazy!

Sucks to be any of these guys...
by Ron Jay Eduvas | Jun 24, 2014
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This one headline on our newsfeed really cracked us up last Sunday. Did you hear about the man who got himself stuck inside a giant stone vagina? That shit was crazy!

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Apparently, dude was a foreign exchange student and just wanted to take a selfie with a vajayjay-looking stone sculpture displayed outside the Tubingen University in Germany. He made the terrible mistake of inserting his leg in the sculpture's "glory hole," which led to this unfortunate but ridiculous incident:

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According to reports, it took more than 20 firemen to free the poor guy out of the clutches of the huge stone vagina. The sculpture, called “Pi-Chan” or "lovemaking" in the Peruvian language, has been a famous spot on the university grounds for over a dozen years. There are no reports yet though if this is the first time it's been penetrated. (Sorry, we just had to...)

Stuff like this reminds us of the other crazy newsbits we've encountered in our lifetime. We set aside Sen. Bong Revilla’s presidential delusions and Sen. Jinggoy Estrada’s quest for cable TV in his detention cell to list down the most outrageous headlines that popped up in our newsfeed. Jump to the next page for more inanities!

Man gets his penis stuck in a pipe! 

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