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WWE CEO Vince McMahon Just Lost $350 Million In A Single Day, But These GIFs Will Tell You He's Seen Worse

Mr. McMahon is a billionaire no more. Boo-hoo!
by Mikey Agulto | May 20, 2014
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Wrestling fans, we're afraid we've got some baaaaad news for 'ya: According to Forbes, WWE CEO Vince McMahon just lost a third of his fortune due to a massive drop in his company's stock value. The shocking amount: $350 million, all gone in a span of a single day stock sell-off. Aguy!

The WWE's stock fell by a whopping 43 percent after news broke that it had signed a new television deal with NBCUniversal for less than what some investors had hoped, and that their newly-launched online streaming network was only able to acquire an abysmal number of subscribers. As a result, Vince's net worth has decreased to a mere $750 million. He's a billionaire no more!

"Maybe we gave too much information or not enough," McMahon said during a conference call with analysts earlier today. "We were a little disappointed with our NBCU deal. Whether we failed or not, I'm not certain."

It sure sucks to be Vince right now, but we're not worried about him. After all, he's had far worse days than this. When you've got guys like The Rock, Triple H, and CM Punk on your payroll, you probably have it bad on a regular basis. Mr. McMahon has had his share of shitty times on the job, and the GIFs below will help prove it!

What does ass taste like? Poor Vince could probably give you an answer.


Did you know that Donald Trump once shaved Vince's head on the grandest stage of 'em all (WrestleMania!) as a result of a losing bet? He was unbearable to look at for weeks.


He also once spent the Fourth of July crawling out of a limousine full of fireworks. You can tell which faction is responsible based on the smoke's color. DX, baby!


Vince once pissed Stone Cold Steve Austin off so bad that the Texas Rattlesnake followed him all the way to the hospital just to keep kicking his ass. 


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