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Aug 13, 2013
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How are nerds different from geeks? FHM staffer Mikey Agulto says, “Nerds are know-it-alls; geeks are fanboys”—a statement which unfortunately put him squarely in nerd territory.

Today though, we put the spotlight on GEEKS—YouTube’s spotlight to be exact. The video sharing site has just concluded its first ever “Geek Week,” six days dedicated to all things fanboys love. From August 4 to August 10 (U.S. time), YouTube’s Geek Week showcased over 100 channels featuring superheroes, comics, videogames, sci-fi, and things of the sort. 

                                                                              Above: a thing of the sort

Each day they focused on one aspect of geekery, featuring around 10 to 12 videos each.

Sunday was Blockbuster Sunday, a celebration of geek icons; Monday was Global Geekery Monday, an inspection of the many forms of geekdom across the world; Tuesday was Brainiac Tuesday, a day of science and education that highlighted YouTube as a platform for learning; Super Wednesday explored superheroes, the supernatural, and all things super and weird; Gaming Thursday was all about everyone’s favorite time-swallowing hobby; and Fan Friday had a slew of nerd debates.

In essence, most of Geek Week’s content was already available on the site. But YouTube’s novel attempt at focused programming was able to highlight great content we might have otherwise missed in our search for yet another cat video

We have been in tune all week long, so if in case you missed it, we've selected below 10 of the coolest videos presented.

1) Man makes that sword from Legend of Zelda (among other videogame-inspired weapons)


Master armorer Tony Swatton is the greatest modern blacksmith today not merely because he's obviously skilled in the art but more so because of the projects he decides to undertake. From Wolverine's trio of claws to an authentic-looking axe in Skyrim, the man makes real the pointy things that we love swinging around in videogames.

2) Cops!...in Skyrim


As if the exceptionally epic RPG Skyrim hasn't entertained us enough, this parody of Cops! set in the world of Tamriel will have you laughing out loud. If you thought the modern cop-attracting shenanigans of people were hilarious, wait until you see what cops living in a world infested by dragons and other strange creatures deal with.

3) Nothing to see here people, just a Giant Robot Mech Walking Test


Stan Winston was the award-winning special effects man behind the animatronics in Jurassic Park and Terminator. When he died, his four supervisors came up with their own company that continues to produce special effects for movies like Pacific Rim and Thor. The mech suit above, a robotic contraption that moves as its wearer does, is the project they did for Geek Week. It's great. Now, where can we buy one?

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